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Registration Note

Thank you – your registration has been successfully received; we’ll review it and send you payment information.

Please remember – Do not freeze GOleic – it keeps for 8 weeks in the fridge.

– Unless you are not going to use a vial for some weeks. Then you may freeze it once only.

Then it will last for up to 10 years.

Our vial is 2.2ml, which is usually two 100ng, 0.25ml shots a week. There are six ways of administering the product.

GOleic needs normal levels of vitamin D to function at full strength, so unless you have a blood test that shows you have vitamin D levels at over 50ng/ml, we suggest 10,000 IU (150 micrograms) of vitamin D (D3 is the best) every day, available from a vitamin shop.

You must read “Treatment Protocol” to understand how to handle GOleic.

Finally, you did kindly agree to give us feedback as we say on the front page. Every two months would be great.

Best wishes

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